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Adidas…No More TV Ads, ALL Mobile

While Adidas is a B2C consumer products company, it’s recent move to abandon TV advertising for an all-mobile strategy has a very important message for B2B marketers as well.  Part of the article states:

Now, it’s a matter of winning consumers by fitting into their lives rather than just marketing to them. We have to solve for their needs, address their pain points, and deliver what they’re looking for in a fast and frictionless way.  But we also want to make sure we’re optimized for the device—and that we make it easy for people to move from search to purchase, especially on mobile. In working with Google, we discovered that consumers who receive both brand and e-commerce messages are more likely to convert—yet only 2% of our consumers were receiving this kind of messaging consistently. We were also not coordinating the sequencing of our messages. So we weren’t being deliberate about whether the consumer was first being exposed to an e-commerce or brand message. As a test, we unified our data and content strategy for our Ultraboost sneaker campaign, where we first exposed consumers to brand messages—such as an inspiring video focused on running and fitness. Then, at the right time, we delivered an e-commerce message driving consumers to our website to purchase the product. Through this test, we saw a 75X rise in effectiveness in our conversion rates.

Good information and tactics.  Read the entire short article here:

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