Straight to the Bottom Line

Small Business Coaching

What is “Profit Improvement Coaching”?

Most entrepreneurs don’t start out intending to run a “hobby” business.  Without a solid profit-focused infrastructure and operating practices, though, that is often the result.  We all want a business where we can honorably make a good living and eventually pass the business along to family or sell for a profit.

Profit improvement coaching is a collaborative process with a business owner to make quick, inexpensive, common sense and dependable improvements to the seven areas of business operations that have the biggest influence on profitability.  I work on the low-hanging-fruit: improving the 20% of business practices that will yield the 80% of potential profit improvement.Business-development

  • Financial Management: insuring that you have a sound financial management platform; becoming the lowest-cost competitor in your marketplace; purposeful pricing strategy; improving cash flow.
  • Low cost/high return Branding & Marketing:  whether your business is B2C or B2B there are scores of inexpensive and effective tips and tools to build a brand, get noticed and promote your business, including strongly differentiating your business from your competition
  • Customers for Life:  retain current customers and increase your “share-of-wallet” with them, generate referrals and testimonials for future sales
  • Revenue & Market Channel Expansion:  add revenue streams with new product line and service offerings; adding marketing/distribution channels and rolling in adjacent value/life cycle components
  • Operational Productivity:  streamlining and mistake-proofing your internal core operational processes will minimize wasted time, materials, expense and improve customer satisfaction
  • Employee Productivity:  labor is typically the largest expense.  Getting the highest ROI from this expense is a matter of communication, clear expectations, structured behavior modification and engagement
  • Personal Productivity:  Activity ≠ results. Get back one to two hours a day through better time management and tools, pragmatic short/long term goals/action planning


The Origin of the Profit Improvement Coaching

I’m neither cheap nor lazy; I just have a personality disposition that really, really hates waste, inefficiency, ineffectual and passionless work.  I am totally fascinated by why/how organizations and leaders succeed and fail.  This curiosity has been a lifelong hobby and study beginning with reading Tom Peters’ books including A Passion for Excellence.  Also, I realized that I have a talent: the ability to evaluate large volumes of information, identify high potential ideas and creatively and pragmatically refine and apply them to solve problems.  And I am a compulsive improver.  I can’t leave anything alone; switching to a more descriptive word or adding a tiny change to a checklist.  Over the years, these ideas and practices have included LEAN/Six Sigma, best practices, human capital, guerrilla marketing, strategic planning, bench-marking and many more. Profit improvement coaching draws the most cost effective, proven and practical tools from all of these approaches.  My passion in life is using these skills, knowledge and talents to solve profitability challenges, make businesses more efficient and effective and improving the quality of life of business owners. business_consulting