Success Stories

  • Small Retail Operation:  ”You saved our business.  I was going to give up, sell what was left that the government and the recession didn’t take and retire.  Your plan to bring back customers and brand our business was what I needed.  Now I think we can eventually sell and retire with something.”
  • Large Commercial Services Business: Problem: a national competitor had opened in the market area.  Sales were down and they were unable to compete on price.  Solution:  reduced the number of services; reorganized the remainder into two business lines.  One business line focused upon high end (good margins) products that required installation and local service with periodic high margin maintenance/service contracts.  The second business line focused upon 24 hr repair services availability with quick response and a premium price.  Results: margins up, customer base is rebounding.  Days sometimes are long because of the 24 hr service but they are hiring a tech who prefers to work nights!
  • Medium-Sized Wholesaler:  this client was using a complicated, multi-step process to inventory and prepare products for sale.  Delays in processing were causing revenue to fall and cash flow problems.  Following implementation of a few simple ideas, processing time for inventory has been reduced by two-thirds.
  • “I’m happy to write this recommendation for you.  I don’t know why I waited so long before bringing somebody in.  I cut everything I could to the bone and thought that was all I could do.  You showed me changes that I would never have thought of.  I was angry because I should of thought of them myself.  They were common sense and simple I should have seen them.”
  • Specialty Toy Manufacturer –  Problem: sales down and expenses up. Solution: secured contacts for sources in Asia for less-expensive and higher quality parts.  Recommended e-commerce overseas and helped establish international website services.  Recommended a commercial application for his toy with reasonable modification.  Results: material costs down 38%, in discussion with potential commercial customer which would double sales.
  • Family-Owned Restaurant – Problem: the recession has reduced traffic, customers are buying less.  Solution: reduced his expenses through a new wholesale vendor, reduced the number of menu items to concentrate on high volume items with similar ingredients, a new seasonal menu line, new signage out front, cooperative marketing with neighboring businesses and related non-competitors, email marketing.  Result:  traffic is recovering and  seasonal menu items are very popular, referrals from other businesses are making a difference in traffic and one unexpected result: being asked to cater seasonal menu at unique events!
  • Professional Services ClinicProblem: recent partnership expansion coincided with the recession and engagements are down.  Solution:  They elected a “Profit Tune-Up”.  We reviewed all of their expenses and identified economies in consolidating suppliers.  Suggested adding an eCommerce store to their website and adding drop-ship high end items to their merchandise offerings.  Studied their current customer list and concentrated their marketing onto two current market niches that were profitable but under served.  Results:  the partners are working more and happier; the eCommerce store is pulling in profits with very small costs; they are building significant repeat business with one of their new market niches.